Four Practical Tips for a Marvelous Marriage

In the day in which we live we come to the conclusion that a marvelous marriage will not happen by accident, but will be developed through diligent and intentional application of the Scriptures.

We also understand that the devil is a real enemy who wants to destroy any possibility of a marvelous marriage.

So what we need to do is put in some things that will help us to develop a strong and a vibrant marriage today.

With the understanding that we have a real enemy who wants to destroy every strong point in our marriage, we need to develop strong ties with our spouse; we need to develop heartstrings with our spouse.

We need to realize the importance of not being accidental but intentional with our marital relationship.

Being intentional in your marriage means…

  • You realize the threat to marriage.

So this means you don’t leave anything to chance or trust in the flesh

  • You recognize the truth about marriage.

You understand that marriage can be the greatest relationship physically speaking on this earth. And you understand that a marriage can last to death do us part and not be horrible but piece of Heaven on earth.

  • You remember the trust in marriage.

The marriage relationship is built predominately on trust so you are very careful to not compromise that trust between you and your spouse.

Here are the practical tips for a marvelous marriage:

  • Develop spiritual habits to grow closer to God

The best thing you can ever do to strengthen your marriage is to have a strong personal walk with the Lord.

If I am honest, I cannot be a good husband without the Lord’s help and the Lord’s wisdom concerning the day to day interaction with Callie, my wife.

  • Develop social habits to grow closer together

My wife and I have recently started to go bike riding together. We actually dropped about $150 to get me a new bike and a seat for my daughter to ride on so we can all go together. So far this has been the best investment I have made this year. We love go on the rides; we talk, we laugh, run out in front of cars and almost get killed, but hey, at least we are going to die together

I do not know what would be good for you as a couple, but I would stress the importance of doing something, as a couple, to develop common interest.

Get a baby sitter and go out with another spiritual couple and fellowship.

  • Develop service habits to help others together

Joshua said “as for me my house we will serve the Lord.

Serving the Lord TOGETHER is one sure fire way to stay together.

I’m so glad I get to serve in the ministry that God is called me to do with my wife. We don’t serve the Lord completely separately, we serve the Lord together. Now we might serve the Lord in different areas at different times where we are not closely associated together, but we predominantly serve God together. W see people saved together, pray together, read the Bible together, or go visit a Sunday school class together.

  • Develop safety habits

Don’t wait for when something bad happens to do something about it!

Safety precautions:

Get internet protection before a problem happens. My family uses K.9. Web protection. It is free and customizable to your family. Also there is an app for the Iphone and Ipad which I have installed on both of those devices.

Wives do not trust your husband’s flesh; it is not about not trusting him. If you have a good Christian man, when he said “forsaking all others” to be with you, he most likely meant it. However, his flesh is wicked and does not care about all the reasons why not to do something wrong. In the heat of the moment, those reasons do not seem to matter, and that is the truth. So wives, you trust your husband, but you don’t trust his flesh.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure – Benjamin Franklin

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