Through Christ

Two little words change everything, two little words that equalize every Christian, two little with the entire power of heaven behind them.

Through Christ

This year can be a year of “through Christ” with the consistent pull of the day, and stresses, tasks, family concerns, health concerns, furthering your influence for the Lord through local church involvement; life can become chaotic and cumbersome; however, “through Christ” it can become calm, steady, and overflowing with joy.

The Abundant life is always found “through Christ”

The Victorious life is only seized “through Christ”

The Christ-Serving life is accomplished “through Christ”

The Christian life that keeps moving forward in spite of setbacks keeps moving by the power of “through Christ”

We could never exhaust the timeless and endless truths of “through Christ”

The only limiting factor to “through Christ”  is how much we try to do things “through self” instead of “through Christ”.

The limitless help God can give and would like to give comes to us “through Christ”

Now think about what the Lord wants you to become, and where you believe the Lord wants you to be. (Take a moment and think through this, and write down what the Lord brings to your heart and mind.)

Understand two important thoughts about this:

  1. You cannot really accomplish, or become anything.
  2. You can accomplish and become anything the Lord wants you to be “through Christ”

Remember there is nothing you cannot become or be other than that which is outside of the will of God, and if, what you want to succeed to be is outside of God’s will, you really do not want it.

Assuming you have taken a few moments and prayed through what the Lord wants to take place in your life; we need to walk through Philippians 4:13  

“I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”

  1. The saint’s attitude is through Christ “I can”

As Christians, we do not hold to the philosophy of “what your mind can conceive, you can achieve” because that premise is laid on the foundation of humanistic thinking (which means the most important thing in the world is you or me.) it is also laid on the false foundation of “man becomes God”

However, God doesn’t do all the work; God does His part, and he expects you to do your part.

We can pray for God to allow us to see people saved weekly, but if we never GO out and talk to people we will never see anyone saved.

In this particular illustration God’s part is to convict and draw the sinner, our part is to go and tell.

There is an awesome correlation between the diligences of man and the divine hand of God,

As I go, God comes alongside of me (when asked)

As I work, God works through me (when asked)

As I try to better my marriage, God helps me better my marriage (when asked)

As I raise my child, God enables me to bring her up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord (when asked)

This is wonderful; I really never have to face anything without the Lord being right there to help and impart wisdom for the moment.

But here is the kicker, before God moves, I must move.

  1. The scope of achievement is through Christ “I can do all things”

If we take a few moments and pray and ask for God’s help and wisdom, there is nothing we cannot do because we are doing it “through Christ” and there is nothing that is outside of God’s ability to do other than that which is outside of His will.

Think of the hardest thing you can think of, you can do it “through Christ.” If it is right and holy, and approved by the Word of God, than “through Christ” you can DO it all.

The Lord wants me to have a good marriage, raise my girl for God; He wants me to see spiritual results this year, and every year throughout my life. Therefore, “through Christ” I can Do.

  1. The Saviour’s affirmation is through Christ “which strengtheneth me”

“Through Christ” is where power and the ability, and the strength comes from to “do all things.” He is the One, Who helps you do more than you thought was possible.

Those two little words are the difference maker for every child of God.

The impossible just became possible “through Christ”

Remember a life without Christ, we can do nothing, but a life “through Christ” we “can do all things”

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